ZeroChroma Cases for iPhone and iPad

ZeroChroma iPad case
When it comes to cases for the iPhone and iPad, there are many options available. You can find models that have desirable features such as light weight, shock resistance, or a slim profile. A few even combine more than one of these features. The folks at Zero Chroma have developed a line of cases that combine all those features while also incorporating a built-in adjustable stand.

ZeroChroma has created cases that fit all iPad Air and iPad Mini models as well as for the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6-Plus, 6S, and 6S-Plus. All models have the patented stand built right into the case backs.

The cases are constructed using a molded rubberized plastic that feels good in your hand and has a nice, non-slip finish that is easy to grip. The case is flexible allowing your device to be inserted or removed much more easily than with some other competing case brands. Although the cases are low-profile, they provide surprisingly robust protection from shock and rough handling. Since there is no screen cover for the iPhone models, there is only moderate protection from impacts due to dropping the device with the screen facing down.

The FolioSlide iPad cases come with interchangeable covers that provide some protection to the iPad screen when transporting or storing the devices. Impact protection is similar to that provided by the iPhone cases – minor bumps or knocks should result in no damage to the device, but impact with hard surfaces due to dropping the device may result in damaged displays.

ZeroChroma’s Unique Patented Built-In Stand

ZeroChroma iPhone Case view of back
The integrated stand found on the back of every case is the defining feature of all the ZeroChroma product lines.

Instead of the innovative stand being mounted rigidly to the case itself, it’s attached to a rotating panel built into the back of each case. This allows the stand to be rotated through 360 degrees while gently snapping into alignment every 90 degrees. Once the stand is rotated in the desired direction, the stand can be pulled out to support the mobile device at any angle from near vertical to horizontal. Although it takes very little effort to adjust stand mechanism, it firmly holds its position without slippage. You can pop the stand out whenever you need it, while folding it flat to create a compact case that’s easy to handle and fits well in your hands.

The rotating stand allows the users to easily position your iPhone or iPad in either a portrait or landscape orientation – with the various control buttons on the device positioned on your preferred side of the screen.

ZeroChroma iPhone Case propped up
You can type in landscape orientation if you want a wider virtual keyboard, or place the device horizontally to view widescreen video or read web content. With a quick twist of the stand mount you are ready to use applications such as Instagram, Periscope or Vine that prefer a vertical orientation. In addition, most e-books – and many online magazines – are easier to read in a vertical format.

The only difficulty we encountered with the iPhone stand is that it must be pulled out using your fingernails, since the notch to access the stand is a bit to small for most fingers. This may create some difficulty with seniors who have limited dexterity or weakness in their hands. Once you get used to this operation and have loosened the mechanism a bit, it’s a lot easier to open the stand. This is much less of an issue with the iPad stands, which are larger overall.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 ZeroChroma Cases

ZeroChroma iPhone Case back

Back of the black VarioProtect iPhone case

There are three iPhone lines available that all have the same built-in, rotating, flip-out stand. The VarioProtect line fits the iPhone 6 and 6S models. This case has a full back and wraps around the edges of the phone to create a secure, stable enclosure for your phone. The VarioProtect comes in five semi-transparent colors as well as solid black ($24.95 – $29.95).

The VarioEdge line fit the iPhone 6, 6S, 5, 5S and 5C models. All are constructed with a thin rim of protection around the edges of the phone with the rotating flip-out stand affixed to the back of the case. Most versions come in black or gray color. The iPhone 6 and 6S versions sell for $19.95 – all others retail for $14.95.

The Vortex line fits the 5, 5S and 5C iPhone models. These cases have a decorative open weave design on the back and retail for $14.95

iPad Air and iPad Mini ZeroChroma Cases

ZeroChroma iPad case side view

FolioSlide case with stand extended and Slide Lid flipped open

ZeroChroma offers two iPad case lines: the FolioSlide and VarioSC models. The FolioSlide with Lid is available for the iPad Air ($49.95) and iPad Mini ($39.93) tablets, and features an impact-resistant plastic case that fits easily around the tablet. A slot on the side of the case accepts one of five colorful fabric faced lids that slide effortlessly into place. There is also a low-profile Bluetooth Keyboard Slide Lid ($69.95) that easily slides into the slot on the side FolioSlide.

ZeroChroma also offers the VarioSC iPad cases for those that want the functionality of a portable stand while having access to the many covers that Apple provides. The VarioSC case is a protective molded shell that protects the back and sides of an iPad Air ($29.95) or iPad Mini ($2.95). These cases are designed to work with Apple’s Smart Covers (sold separately) that magnetically attach to the iPad’s frame.

ZeroChroma iPhone and iPad Case Accessories

ZeroChroma Armband Mount

ZeroChroma Armband Mount in use

Accessories are also available that add functionality to the cases. An Armband Mount ($19.95) allows the wearer to clip the iPhone cases to a swivel on the armband that allows you to turn the iPhone to any angle for easy viewing while keeping your hands free. The sweat resistant Armband has easily adjustable straps to comfortably conform to you upper arm.

A Car Mount ($19.95) allows a case to be easily snapped into one side of a mount that clips to any convenient air vent louver on a car dashboard. This allows you to use the iPhone screen hands-free with a convenient eye-level placement while driving. The Car Mount can also be practically used to support the iPad Mini cases as well.

There are also two mounts that are compatible with the FolioSlide models for iPads. One is an All Surface Mount that attaches to any smooth vertical surface with a removable adhesive. The second is a Headrest Mount that slips over the posts that support the headrests in most car models. These two mounts are available as a “combo pack” for $29.95.

ZeroChroma Case Pricing and Availability

You can purchase the full line of ZeroChroma products on their website or at retailers such as Best Buy. The products are reasonably priced, especially when you consider their functionality and ease of use. The company adds cases as new models are introduced, and keeps cases for older models in stock for a reasonable time period. The iPhone cases ranging from $14.95 to $24.95.

The iPad cases range from $39.95 for the Mini cases to $49.95 for cases that fit the iPad Air models. There is also a FolioSlide with the Keyboard Slide-Lid ($69.95) for the iPad Air tablets. If you already have a FolioSlide case for the iPad Air, you can add a Keyboard Slide-Lid which is also sold separately for $69.95.

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