Why Investing in UX Design is a Smart Investment

User Experience (UX) is becoming increasingly important. Companies that fail to invest in UX risk being left behind by their more forward-thinking competitors. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so you can’t afford to ignore UX design. If you are having trouble convincing the people who sign the checks, here’s why your company must invest in a UX design process.

It is not unusual for a user to click away from a web page after 10-20 seconds. So, this means you have around 15 seconds to persuade a reader to stick around. Lack of engagement is a common issue. With so much to see and do online, our attention span is growing shorter by the day.

UX designers look at the why, what, and how. Why would the user want to click on the page? What is the page’s functionality? How can form and function be combined in an aesthetically pleasing manner?

An Example of UX Design

Using an iPhone as an example, think about how Apple has dominated the smartphone market by creating a product people are desperate to acquire, even though it is more expensive than other smartphones. People will queue up for hours to buy the latest iPhone because it elicits a positive emotional response.

The same principles apply to website design.

Building a Customer Base

UX can be applied to any product, but it is critical in web design. User Experience or UX design is geared towards creating a meaningful experience. If a page is pleasurable and relevant to the user, they are more likely to engage and buy.

One of the main reasons why users click away is that they can’t find what they are looking for. Design issues will kill your business by significantly reducing site revenue.

If customers have a satisfying experience on your site, they will come back. Research carried out by Harvard Business Review showed that boosting UX by as little as 5% led to a 25% profit increase. Another study carried out found that companies who invested heavily in UX design saw their sales increase by 75%. It’s clear that focusing on UX design is essential if your business is sales-led.

Happy customers will complete transactions whereas unhappy, frustrated customers will abandon their shopping carts and disengage.

The Cost of Fixing Code Errors

Design offerings from experienced developers don’t just look pretty; they are likely to have serious code defects that will almost certainly cause problems further down the line. There is no point spending a fortune launching a flashy website if the underlying code is poorly written, as you will have to spend another fortune correcting the defects later. UX design eliminates the need for remedial work post-launch.

High-quality UX design offers a long-term return on investment. By creating a great customer experience on your website, you can learn more about the people who make purchases, click on pages, read articles, and engage with your brand. This, in turn, helps you build more detailed customer profiles, which can then be used to inform future marketing campaigns.


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