What You Should Choose, Screen Printing Or Iron On Transfer

Ordering a custom T-shirt may be a decision-making process, and we will help you to fulfill your decision, which is why you should choose a screen printing design rather than an iron on transfer. Although iron has some positive attributes in the transfer, in most cases they are not the best choice for custom-designed T-shirts.

One of the major benefits associated with custom screen printing┬áT-shirts is the longer duration of the design. You will spend a lot of money on custom-printed T-shirts, and it doesn’t matter how long they last. Printing processes and inks used in the printing process ensure that your T-shirt looks as good as the day you received the stamp, months or even years. However, the transfer of iron usually only looks a few months. After several washes, you may start to notice that the design is cracked, peeled or even faded.

The versatility of screen printing designs is another reason to choose them compared to any other printing method. Custom screen printing designs can be printed on T-shirts of any color; transfer iron is only suitable for light-colored T-shirts. If you plan to print your designs on shirts of different colors, screen printing is definitely the right choice for you.

If you choose screen printing, you will be able to print your designs on a variety of different fabric options. This print can be made of polyester, nylon and spandex and cotton. When you choose to use screen printing, you are not limited by the choice of fabric. This allows you to print your designs on many different items; you are not limited to T-shirts.

Custom screen printing designs also allow you to create designs that differ from the iron pieces in transit. Many advances have been made in ink manufacturing. These special inks can now be found in metals and glow in dark and fluorescent colors. These color options enable you to create one of the unique designs that can be used to represent your company.

When it comes to choosing which one is best, the choice is clear; when it comes to screen printing, you have more design choices. Not only that, your design quality is better, and you can print it on almost any color T-shirt you can imagine. If you have a cool graphic design and want to print it on your T-shirt, we can help your design become popular. Customers are very welcome to use our designers to help create or turn any idea they think into reality. Send us your idea for screen printing design at 3V printing. For more information, visit 1 Dollar Digitizing Printing service page to see what we offer and how we offer.

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