Things to consider when setting up a printer solution for your business

printerThe wrong printer setup can cause frustrations in your business that extend beyond the the finished print. These frustrations can lead to lost time, money and productivity. And the costs can run deep if not managed promptly or in advance. Here’s a few things that should be considered to prevent unnecessary costs, revenue loss or lost productivity as a result of having an inefficient printer setup.


One of the biggest factors that affects productivity is being distracted. A poor printer setup will cause countless distractions that will cost the organisation in time and money. Some of the most frequented problems include:

Paper jams

This requires employees or outsourced staff to fix the printer issue, which could be a few minutes or even lead to a few hours or days loss in productivity time.

No paper in the paper tray

If you use a printer that has a low paper tray, you will find yourself going to the stationery storage area more often the you should do. You can easily lose a few minutes a day by repeating this process rather than having the machine automate the printing process for you with a deep paper tray.

Empty ink cartridges

Many businesses that purchase a cheap printer find that they are replacing their ink cartridges regularly. What often happens is that the ink runs out and it stops productivity. Cartridges Direct have spoken about a managed printing solution, which tracks the amount of prints that a printer does and sends out new ink cartridges before the ink runs out, allowing for seamless productivity.

Workplace health and safety

Injuries in the workplace can be costly to a business. And the main contributor to this is slips and trips in the workplace. With all of the electrical equipment around, it’s likely that you will have wires in several locations. Across the floor and underneath the desk. If your wires aren’t stored in a safe area and an employee gets an injury from slipping or tripping on the wire, or your business will be liable to pay the employee worker’s compensation.

One of the easy ways to eliminate this is by using electrical items that are equipped with smart technology. Your office setup can use the local Wi-Fi router and wireless printers and scanners to transmit printing jobs quickly and easily.

Increased overhead costs

When office printers aren’t managed properly, it can have a huge impact on a business’s overheads. Some of the common things that contribute to additional overhead costs include the following.

Non eco-friendly printers

Printers are one of those items in the office that get left on in an idle mode throughout the day and in some cases even overnight. This draws electricity, which will increase the operating overheads. It’s ideal to turn off the printer, however an alternative solution is to invest in an eco-friendly printer, which powers down when it is in an idle state.

Printers that provide poor quality prints

This is a big problem as it contributes to waste. The person that is printing their item wants to get their printout right the first time. If they have to keep on reprinting their item, the other sheets will end up as waste. This is often the case when people invest in cheap printers and low-quality ink cartridges. The prints might appear smudged or marked. Or worse, the prints might turn out nothing like what was expected.

These are just a few of the things that you need to consider when investing in a printer. It’s better to think long term and to invest in a solution that will save you time and money, so you can increase your business’s productivity and profits.


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