Pitbull Information – A Perfect Note For Perfect Owners

Pitbull is one of the popular breeds of dog. These dogs are also called as American Staffordshire terrier and American pitbull terrier. The person who likes to rear these dogs must have pitbull information. Here is little pitbull information.

The Health of Pitbull

The average life span of these dogs is twelve to fourteen years. The pitbulls have few typical health complications they are hip-dysplasia, cataracts and allergies of hereditary origin, and susceptibility to parvo viral infection.

Pitbull Personality

In general these pitbulls are healthy. These pitbulls are very much dependent on human beings. These dogs crave for love and affection from the human beings.
Filhotes de Pitbull e American Bully à Venda – Canil Pit Bully These animals are definitely more intelligent than most other breeds of dogs.

In general pitbulls are confident animals and are out going in nature. But the confidence level can be go eroded in these dogs are not cared properly by the human beings or kept in confinement for longer period of time or subjected to excessive abuse.

Negative Characters of Pitbull

Some people dislike these pitbulls because of the aggressive nature. The inexperienced pitbull owners belong to this category. They often mistake these dogs excess activity as human aggression.

These pitbulls resort to destructive chewing if frustrated or kept without proper exercise. Some people forced to abandon these wonderful dogs if they had to move in to an area where pitbull rearing is prohibited.

Pitbulls in Rescue Center

Because of the few negative points that we discussed little while earlier these pitbulls are forced to live in the rescue centers. But these pitbulls are not at all happy at rescue centers as these dogs love the attention and care of the human beings. But these dogs can adjust themselves to the new situation as quickly as possible and develops bonds with the new people.

The dog’s adaptability to the rescue center depends very much on the attention provided at the rescue center, the dog’s temperament, and the past experience of the dog.

Pitbull and Children

These pitbulls love to play with the children. But there is a word of caution. As these dogs are filled with energy to the brim, they can accidentally knock or pump on the children.

Hence the parents must be near the playing area when the children are playing with the dog. This kind of accidental bumping will be more common if the pitbulls are below two years of age.

Pitbulls and Other Breeds

There one very important pit-bull information. These dogs can’t tolerate the other dogs as these pitbulls are dog aggressive. These pitbulls are very aggressive towards the dogs of other breeds especially if the dogs are of same sex.

At puppy stage these pitbulls can tolerate the other breeds. This may mislead the inexperienced owner. The person with sufficient pitbull information will be the perfect owner for these popular breed of dogs.

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