Hair Care During All Seasons

When meeting someone new, the first thing that most people remember is that person’s hair: whether it was long or short, curly or straight, brightly colored or dark. That happens because hair is an important part of someone’s general appearance, setting the “tone” for the entire look. In order for your hair to be able to make a positive impression on the hair transplaint in nashik people you meet, it needs to be healthy-looking and full of life.

If you want your hair to look like a million bucks every day of the year, one of the most important things you should know is that your care regimen should be different from one season to another. For instance, during summer, you need to protect your hair from excessive drying and from potentially damaging sunrays. Thus, it is a good idea to use a leave-in conditioner regularly, especially if your hair has been dyed.

Autumn is full of challenges for your tresses, as they are exposed to colder weather, rain and bouts of wind. Plus, many people suffer from the hormonal changes that take place at the beginning of this season, which means they can experience heavy hair falls. In order to prevent that from happening, it might be a good idea to apply oil-based masks that strengthen the fiber and make it more resilient.

Winter is probably the harshest season for one’s hair, as the temperatures drop significantly and the wind keeps getting stronger and stronger. Because of this, both specialists and physicians say that the best thing you could do is keep your hair covered all the time when you are outside. Plus, you should try reducing your washing frequency, so that your scalp doesn’t get too dry.

Finally, spring is a time of regeneration, for nature as well as for our bodies. This is a good time to try out some deep-nourishing hair treatments that can repair some of the damage done by the winter cold. Also, you could try a new haircut, which will allow your hair to breathe more now that the sun is out and will give you a fresh new look as well.

In conclusion, hair is a delicate part of our body and needs to be treated carefully whatever the season may be. Keep an open mind and adapt your hair care ritual to the time of year and the weather conditions, so that your tresses won’t have to suffer.

Why do men love long, shiny hair?

Long, shiny, healthy hair has always been one of the first things that attract a man to a woman. That’s why so many religions insisted that women covered their hair with a scarf or a hat in the church; it was to prevent their long, beautiful hair distracting the men from their worship!

Healthy hair

Today’s trend for long, naturally styled hair is a sign that some things never change. Therefore, when a man is looking for a healthy life partner – his instincts tell him to look first for the outward signs of good health – like long, shiny hair.

Positive attention

That’s why long, shiny hair always attracts lots of positive attention! Whereas long, dry hair will only bring you… Well, nothing – because nobody wants to run their fingers through dull, lifeless hair! Don’t show your age!

Some sections of long hair are quite old in hair terms, and if they’ve been damaged by the sun, sea or chlorine – plus curling tongs and straightening irons – you can get long, thinning hair. This type of thinning is caused by breakages in the dry hair-shafts and unless you get a professional treatment, the thinning condition will worsen. It may seem as if it isn’t growing at all, but it’s just desperate for some moisturizing care.

Be full of ‘life’!

Well, fortunately for all the ladies ‘who love long hair, but fail to look after it properly’, La Biosthetique has designed a whole range of treatments specifically formulated to restore the ‘life’ back into thinning, long hair and prevent further hair loss. This pro treatment range provides essential vitamins, minerals and lipo-acids combined with aromatic essential oils and ‘yummy’ flower petal extracts to improve, protect and encourage faster growth.

The secret of how to grow thick, long hair is like the secret of growing anything – you need good nutrition!

Beauty salons and health spas

La Biosthetique has been supplying hair restructuring products to beauty salons and health spas for 50 years. In the past, you could only get one of these special treatments as a client at an up-market spa or an exclusive salon.

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