Embroidery digitizing

The embroidery machine does not understand the picture directly. It needs a proper format to digitize the picture or pattern. Embroidery digitizing is the best way to market your business. In the United States, business embroiderers usually charge between $1 and $10 per thousand stitches. A design with 10,000 stitches will cost you less than a design with 50,000 stitches. You also need to make a vector design or convert your design to a vector form. If you don’t do this, converting a bitmap to a vector graphic will cost you more money.1 Dollar Digitizing is a company providing professional embroidery designs services for years and getting amazing feedback from their customers, to whom they provided the unmatchable services according to their demand and requirement. The customers are encouraging them to expand their business across the world due to their unmatchable services and fastest turnaround time.

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