Driving Schools – How to Boost Your Earnings

If ever a specific type of business could benefit from Online scheduling software then Driving Schools must be one of the most obvious contenders. If you have ever tried to book a driving lesson with an independent driving instructor then you will know the problems which can be encountered.

Many instructors are actually one man operations,driving school website depending heavily on new business from online and telephone enquiries.

As a single operator, unless you have someone to handle incoming calls and take care of the obvious changes to schedules which are bound to occur, the an online scheduling system is a must.

An instructor cannot answer calls during the course of their working day nor can they necessarily return calls at a time convenient to their customers. The unwanted outcome is evenings spent juggling appointments and multiple attempts to contact current customers and answer new inquiries. With an online scheduling system, much of this time consuming and frustrating endeavor simply vanishes!

Customers can log in and schedule or re schedule their appointments easily and without human assistance. A good appointment system will allow customers the flexibility to organise their driving lessons at a time that suits them and suits the driving instructor.

A great way of getting the message across is to use a QR code on the vehicle. Persons interested in finding out more can access the Driving school website way faster than hurriedly noting down a URL. The QR code instantly transports the new enquirer to a web page which links to the online scheduling system. In fact every service industry should be using QR codes to direct mobile users to their web page or appointment system.

It’s easy, quick and efficient.

Different types of class can be pre arranged online. The theoretical lesson – learning the laws of the road, understanding how a vehicle works, how to change a tyre or check under the bonnet. Important lessons which every driver will eventually be glad they took time to learn. Simulator time – the safe way to take those early steps. A computer generated real time image of the road is used in the same way as simulators are used to train pilots to operate aircraft. Finally, practical instruction. Actually getting behind the wheel, hands on driving experience. All possible to schedule with multi- online booking calendars.

A fantastic business tool for the Driving School and a super convenient way to organise driving lessons for the student.

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