Different Types and Categories of Jokes

Usually we all have a very busy schedule on the week days. Especially people of America, Canada and Europe find very less time for any entertainment activity. It is a fact that along with the work some kind of entertainment activity or sports is must for you. It can keep you healthy, wealthy and wise. Here we are talking about the especial category of jokes. There are many kinds of humor some of most searched types are given below

  • Husband and Wife Humor
  • Kids Humor in English
  • Lawyer and Advocated Jokes
  • Blonder Humor
  • Good Knock Knock Jokes
  • Marriage Humor
  • Sports Humor
  • Thanks Giving day Humor

So, these are the most searched types in USA and Canada. Especially in America people love to read humor of these categories. According to physiatrists and psychologists every person should read jokes as they are health for your mind and body. Along with your entertainment there are other countless benefits of reading jokes. So, you should arrange some time daily for the purpose of relaxing your mind, body and soul. This is very beneficial for you and will keep you healthy and fit.

People having habit of taking extra stress should read the jokes of all above mentioned categories on daily basis for the improvement of health. These techniques are well known and also called as laughter therapy. In many countries of world laughter therapy is used for treating the people. Some people that are suffering from major diseases also used laughter therapy for reliving the stress.

Short Jokes in English Language

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